Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Survived My First Day

Well, my first day back to work came and went. It was largely uneventful. I was fine during drop off until #3's teacher, while holding her, held up her little hand and said "Bye bye, Mommy - have a great day!" The tears started and I did my best to get the heck out of there and to my car, where I had a moment. But it didn't last long, because I had to pull into my parking garage next door and go right to my office. Luckily I brought a box of tissues.

My day consisted of phone calls to get my system access back, which went surprisingly smooth, and trips to the back file room to use my breast pump a couple of times. My company used to have lactation rooms, but no longer. So I use a back file room with a door that locks. There is a table and chair in the back behind a row of file cabinets, so if anyone else came in, I'd be hidden and have some warning. It worked out well.

There was lots of work to do - there aren't many people in this week, and the work is rolling in. I'm glad I decided to go back this week - the numbers in #3's class are down, so she is getting lots of attention, and I am able to get acclimated without the usual daily incessant barrage of phone calls and emails from impatient clients that don't understand that thorough legal work TAKES TIME.

All in all, it went well. Whew!

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Oh Boy! Boys! said...

I went back when Elliott was six weeks, he is almost four months now. I didn't want to, I just had to. My older one is almost nine and he has been in daycare since he was 14 months. It doesn't get easier. But you are not alone. Good thing your little one is nearby.

Hang in there. You learn to concentrate so well at work that you only remember you miss them, 10 times a day instead 100.