Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pros and Cons of Working At Home

We recently got laptops at work and have been given the option of working from home when necessary.

Since my area got TWO FEET OF SNOW last weekend, and school was canceled Monday AND Tuesday, I exercised the WFH option yesterday. I am also working this morning to make up for a 1/2 a sick day I took last week when #3 got sick.

So I've been working from home with Diva and Daredevil underfoot. #3 went to day care - I'm under no delusions that I can draft and negotiate contracts while taking care of a 1 year old.

Pros of Working From Home
  • 2 hours of my life back (that's my usual total commute time)
  • Can work in my pajamas
  • Can have the TV on in the background and find out important info like Balloon Boy's father was sentenced to 90 days in jail
  • Can focus on work rather than office gossip
  • Can throw a load of laundry in every so often
  • Save $ on gas and food expenses
  • Can light a fire in the fireplace to enjoy while working
  • I had to stop working in order to break up a fistfight over . . a couch cushion.
  • Diva and Daredevil can't seem to stay out of the room I'm working in (under normal circumstances, I could go for hours in our house without seeing them, but as soon as I tell them I have to work and they have to entertain themselves for a few hours, forget it.)
  • "Mom....I'm bored....Mom.....I'm hungry.......Mom.....what are you working on?.....Mom....when are you going to be done?.....Mom, what's 24 minus 6?.....etc."
  • Instead of going to our awesome cafeteria to get a yummy breakfast & lunch, I actually have to make it myself. And clean up.
  • Can't get to the work gym for the awesome classes they have there . . Zumba, Step and Pump, Kickboxing, and Body Blast.
All in all, I think the pros outweigh the cons! And now I'm logged off until January 4th....happy holidays and winter break to all!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

To all 24 fans . . watch this . .it's hilarious!

And Merry Christmas!

Can't wait for the new season of 24 to start . . .love me some Jack Bauer!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Life is Overhwelming, but Good

So our Thanksgiving week trip to South Carolina was quite chaotic, but it was great to see Hunter's family. The week was not without challenges on the health front, though.

#3 was sick the first part of the week with a pretty bad cold, and Daredevil got sick (fever and vomiting) just before we were to make the 12 hour drive home on Saturday, so we stayed an extra night (not good for my sister and law and her family, who were sharing living quarters with us).

Thankfully he recovered fairly quickly (after an ER visit) and we were able to make the trip home Sunday, and I continue to hold my breath that neither of my other kids (or their eight cousins we visited with last week) get it. We got in so late Sunday night that I kept everyone home from school Monday and called in sick to work. I just couldn't send the kids to school when they we got in at 2 a.m. the night before.

I should go on vacation more often. I returned to work on to find out (a) that I was promoted to Vice President (yay!), and (b) I won exclusive use of a locker at the gym at work for December via random drawing for loyal members. Yay!

Unfortunately, the VP promotion did not come with a raise (wtf?), which I really could have used, but OK. I'm just grateful to have a job , and it's very nice to be recognized. I interact with lots of executives in my job, so it's nice to be a little closer to their level.

Life is good, except, as usual, I'm feeling a little overwhelmed. Today is December 9th, and I have NOTHING done for the holidays. Well, not nothing - the tree is in a bucket of water in the garage and I've bought a few gifts online, but that's IT.

Christmas cards? Not even designed yet. Address labels? List not updated yet, and the printer is out of ink. Decorations? Still in the basement (Actually I think the box of Halloween stuff is still in the dining room). How many times the kids ask about when we will decorate the tree and house? Daily. However, I did fold the laundry last night and carried it upstairs! And I've been keeping up with my exercise classes!

So you'd think this weekend we'd get caught up, right? Not a chance. Friday night: a party for Hunter's work, the second of three parties we must attend, and Saturday: Diva has a dance performance, then Hunter and I are attending a family wedding overnight; and Sunday, birthday party at the local skating rink.

So I'm taking a day off tomorrow. Not to shop, although I need to do that. But to CLEAN and DECORATE my house. I'm afraid I'll spend all day cleaning and get nothing else done, and that might very well be the case. I was hoping to squeeze in an eyebrow wax, pedi, and possible spray tan so I don't look like a winter ghost with ape feet and caterpillar brows at this wedding, but at this point I think it's wishful thinking.

I realize why New Years' Day is one of my favorite holidays - it signifies that this holiday craziness is over and life will get back to normal!!