Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Check out this blog . . .

OK, I know linking you to another blog might be annoying to some, but this may be the Funniest.Blog.Post.I.Have.Ever.Read.

And when I find a new blog I like, I feel compelled to share. Enjoy.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Guess what I am again? Yup, Overwhelmed


I know I've said it before, and at the time I really felt I was overwhelmed.

But now, looking back, that was not to the degree of OVERWHELMED that I am feeling lately.

Work - SO much going on. The work keeps piling up.

Life - SO much is going on.

Our fall schedule is again, insane. While I'm thrilled to be taking a photography class, it is not an easy class and requires that I should take 200-300 pictures a week, on my own, and edit those down to 24-36 to present to the class each week.

And then we've got the kids' activities. We tried to curtail the activities this fall (no boy/girl scouts, no flag football, no Girls On The Run for diva) but it still seems crazy.

As an example, here's what I did yesterday after work. Hunter was staying in the city to attend an open house at #3's school last night, he wasn't feeling well, so he was sidelined here.

3:00 Leave work. Left an attorney high and dry on something that had to be done yesterday. Told her I'd pick it back up tonight as I was planning to log back in.

3:15 Pick up #3 from her day care and head toward the elementary school for the other 2

4:00 Arrive at Diva and Daredevil's after-school care. Hand them their pre-packed bags to change into dance/karate gear. Pick up an extra kid, Diva's friend A., whom I take to dance each Tuesday as her mom works more than an hour away.

4:15 Leave school, drive the gang towards the dance studio. Distribute snacks/drinks in the car

4:20 Drop off Diva and A. for two hours of dance classes

4:25 Head for karate studio, get there early for 5:00 class. Daredevil does homework in the meantime.

5:00 Karate class. Follow #3 all over karate studio while Daredevil gets his karate on.

5:45 Leave karate studio. Head to baseball fields

6:10 Daredevil changes out of karate gear and into baseball gear in car

6:15 Batting practice begins

6:20 Head towards dance studio to pick up Diva

6:30 Pick up Diva from dance studio and walk next door to Five Guys, order and pick up dinner for all

6:45 Head back to baseball fields. Eat dinner in car. Keep Daredevil's dinner warm.

7:15 Batting practice is supposed to end now. No signs of them being close to finishing.

7:45 Batting practice ends. All kids in car. Go to turn on car, battery does not turn over - click, click, click.

7:50 Call Hunter, thankfully the open house was over and he was only 10 minutes out and there are jumper cables in my car (thanks to my Mom, who bought me a car safety kit some years ago)

8:00 Hunter arrives at the baseball fields and jump starts my car. Says he feels so bad he needs to go to bed when we get home. Drive home.

8:15 Kids finish homework, have snack. I give #3 a bath - school pictures tomorrow.

8:45 Order Diva and Daredevil to the showers, it's also their school picture day tomorrow. Give #3 a quick snack, she wanted applesauce.

9:00 Sort through clothes to pick out school picture day clothes. Figure out the only collared shirt Daredevil will fit into is dirty. Collect some other stuff to make up a load and throw it in the washer. Go to put #3 to bed and realize she rubbed applesauce all over her freshly washed hair. Lay towels next to the bathroom sink and give her a quick shampoo, which she didn't really appreciate.

9:30 #3 in bed. Older 2 are still up. Of course, arguing with Diva on what to wear for school picture. I really don't have a leg to stand on in the argument over the shirt she wants to wear, since I bought it for her. So I told her if I don't like the picture, she's getting a re-take with what I wanted her to wear.

10:00 Older 2 now in bed. Put some wash into dryer, hung other wash on drying rack.

10:30 Was supposed to log into work tonight since I left at 3, so I now have two hours to make up, but I didn't. Fell into bed exhausted. The kitchen looked like a bomb hit it.

Now, this is not really a typical day because (a) Hunter is an assistant coach of the baseball team and is usually at baseball games/practices and (b) the battery on my car doesn't usually die.

But it's close.

We've started going back to church regularly. We had been, and it dropped off after #3 was born. We now attend in shifts (I go to the 7:30 mass, which works for me as I'm a morning person, and Hunter goes later - the older 2 go with me if they are up, and with him if not.)

Although I struggle with my faith and spirituality, I find myself praying, after I pray for the health of my family, for strength. For help. To get through the next week, until I'm there again to ask for more strength.

I love my job. I love my family. I need my job - we need the money. I need to be there for my kids. I'm finding as they get older, they are needing me more. And I think I need to be there more for them as they get older, which is contrary to what I used to think - that when they get older, they won't need me so much.

So what is the answer? I have no idea. It is keeping me awake at night.