Monday, December 29, 2008

Back to the Real World: Maternity Leave Fades into a Memory

So I'm heading back to work TOMORROW, December 30. This is my last 24 hours of maternity leave. JV took #3 for her first day of "school" today. She is going to the absolutely wonderful day care run by my company, right next door to my building (JV works 2 blocks away). I am home with Diva and Daredevil today, and we all admit it's a little weird to be here in the house without #3. We will go pick her up after lunch, so her first day is not too long.

So I avoided the first drop off at day care, but I will be doing it tomorrow. It's hard to tell how I will react at drop off time. With my previous 2, I was perfectly fine until I got back to my car, then it was uncontrollable waterworks. I know it is silly. They both had perfectly wonderful caregivers, but I still cried anyway. I think no matter how wonderful your child's caregivers are, it's just damn hard to leave your little baby with strangers. I know she will be fine, it's just something I have to go through. This time, though, I have to walk next door to my office. I don't think many people will be in, so hopefully they won't notice the tear-streaked makeup lines on my face.

What I am looking forward to when I go back to work:
  • The work. It's challenging, and I like it
  • The sense of accomplishment that comes with the work
  • A paycheck. It's been a while and we certainly need the money
  • Social and professional interaction with adults
  • A little 'me' time (my office has a nice cafeteria and gym)
What I am not looking forward to:
  • The commute (A 13 mile drive takes me 45 minutes each way. The traffic is absolutely ridiculous)
  • Dressing up (my pre-pregnancy work clothes are either too big or too small, and I've been in denial about going back so I haven't bought anything new)
  • Sitting at a desk all day (I wish I could work from home from at least some of the time, but I can't - that is a sore topic among my peers and I and worth another post)
  • Day care costs - $208/week for #3, and $130/week total for after care for Diva and Daredevil - ouch
So, I will try to enjoy this time home today with Diva and Daredevil, though we are all counting the minutes til it's time to pick up #3. We miss her something awful!

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Frogs in my formula said...

It's not silly at all to cry. I was a wreck--some days I still am. But it helped when everyone told me it would get easier so I hope that helps you too. Good luck!