Thursday, December 11, 2008

Buy $25 restaurant gift certificates for $3! (No, that's not a typo!)

If you go to, you can buy $25 gift certificates to local restaurants for $10. If you enter the offer code BELLS, the price reduces from $10 to $3. Seriously! $3 for a $25 gift certificate! There are some stipulations, such as minimum purchase amounts and days of the week they can be used, but what a deal!! Enjoy!

Update: I just bought a $25 gift certificate for a very nice restaurant in my area for $3. Be sure to read the terms and conditions ... in most cases you can only redeem 1 gift certificate per visit (i.e. you can't buy 3 gift certificates and try to use them all in one sitting to get a free meal, like I was thinking we could do). It's still a great deal though - the web site has restaurants in most cities! A great gift idea if the site has your friends and families' favorite restaurants.

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