Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WFMW: Best Window Cleaner Ever


I was alerted to Dirtex by our wonderful house painter, Jesse. He swears by it. I went and got some, and now I swear by it too.

No, it's not cheap (around $4 per can) No, it's not green (I use the aerosol can version). No, it's not easy to find (I get it at my local paint store - try a paint, hardware, or home improvement store).

But, like me, if you have a dog who constantly slobbers all over sliding glass doors, and kids who somehow get toothpaste ALL OVER the bathroom mirror every time teeth are brushed, you, like me, may be a bit less concerned about being cheap and green. Forget my carbon footprint, I want gleaming sliders you can see through and mirrors that don't cast a reflection through smeared toothpaste and spit.

When I bought my first can, the owner of the paint store told me he has 5 cans of Dirtex open at all times in various places in his house. I can see why. Spray, wipe, done. Sparkling, absolutely NO streaks. I now buy multiple cans to keep in the kitchen and bathrooms, just like he does.

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1 comment:

Jerralea said...

I'm certainly interested in no streaks when I clean glass! Thanks for sharing.