Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Girls on the Run 5k, Dance lessons, Dance rehearsals and recital, Karate lessons, Swim lessons, Softball, Lip-Sync contest, 3rd grade A-Z Animal Project, Kindergarten Ocean Animal project, Kindergarten field trip, T-ball concession stand duty: DONE

T-ball, school: ALMOST DONE

Going straight home after work and school and having nowhere to go on weekends: PRICELESS

We're almost there. After an insane weekend, I'm relaxing at my desk at work. :) Just a few more t-ball games, a week or so of school left, and it's sweet summertime. Besides our vacations and summer camp, we haven't committed the kids to any other activities.

Looking forward to some relaxing times by the pool in the evenings and on the weekends this summer! Bring it on!

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