Friday, June 5, 2009

Follow Friday: 3 sites I stalk on a regular basis

Here are some blogs I read on a regular basis:

High Achieving Women
This blog is written by Dr. Sheri Bourg-Carter, and I read it for the great info, not because I think I am high-achieving by any means (because I'm not!) Dr. Bourg-Carter posts interesting info on managing stress while balancing work and family. I always feel a little bit more sane after reading her posts.

The RealEstalker
For good, clean fun. This blog is narrated by Your Mama, who provides juicy and hilarious commentary (and fabulous photos) of celebrity real estate comings and going. As celebrity and real estate obsessed as I am, this is the perfect blog for me and I never miss a post!

Work Life Balancing Act
This blog is written by mom and Miami Herald columnist Cindy Krischer-Goodman (read her columns, too, they are great). I was a guest columnist on this blog several years ago, before the OverwhelmedWorkingMom blog was even a glimmer in my eye. Cindy posts comments, interviews, and insights that are always interesting to me.

Happy reading!

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