Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Random Tuesday Thoughts. . . . .

Daredevil's quote of the day:
Daredevil: "Mom, what's ten times one hundred?"
Me: "One thousand."
Daredevil: "Ok."
Me: "Was that a burning question in your mind?"
Daredevil: "Mom, that's only one of them. I have a lot."

Watched the much-hyped "Jon and Kate Plus Eight" big ANNOUNCEMENT episode. Yes, they are divorcing. Jon, apparently, didn't like being bossed around by Kate all these years, but was too much of a wuss to speak up about it until his simmering anger and resentment were past the point of return. He is "excited to begin a new chapter in his life" since he's "only 32" and "has his whole life ahead of him." Never mind what their EIGHT CHILDREN will go through just because he was a self - admitted "lousy communicator".

Also watched He's Just Not That Into You over the weekend. Love me some Bradley Cooper, even if he played a bad, bad husband. The movie was good, but a little more serious than I thought it would be. I was thinking it would be more of a lighhearted comedy.

We're dealing with a little water problem in the basement after the TONS AND TONS of rain we've been getting. Furniture is up on paint cans, carpet peeled back, fans blowing, Spray-9 sprayed everywhere, and a wall that has got to come down to see what's going on behind it. Will it ever stop raining here? Crossing my fingers that we can fix it all without spending a fortune!

Update to the 5k post: I checked the times online, and Diva and I DID beat our previous 5k time! Turns out we ran it in 44:05.....so about 3 minutes faster than our previous time, and under the 15 minute mile mark. Yay!

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