Friday, June 19, 2009

We Survived Another 5k!

Diva and I ran our 2nd 5k last night. (Our first 5k together was the Girls On The Run 5k in May)

This 5k benefited the Be Positive Foundation, who provides assistance to families fighting cancer, raises funds for pediatric cancer research, and funds student scholarships. This foundation was started by the McDonough family in our area to honor their son Andrew, who tragically died in 2007 from leukemia at the age of 14. Read more about Andrew and the foundation here.

There were about 1700 people there. The weather was horrible. It was pouring rain when we got there. Magically, the rain stopped precisely as the race started. Many said it must have been Andrew that turned the rain off.

Here we are, in the rain, getting ready to start the race. This was my camera phone, so sorry for the poor quality:

We were soaking wet from waiting in line in the rain to check in, so we ran soaking wet. We talked the entire time. I can't remember the last time she and I just talked and talked. We talked about all kinds of stuff, she asked me a million questions about pretty much everything.

The course was hilly, much more so than the Girls on the Run course. We went around a park, through residential areas and behind the zoo, and up a very steep hill near the zoo's monkey house called, fittingly, Monkey Hill. Monkeys smell. Bad. It was quite the eye opener jogging by it.

Our goal was to pass our GOTR 5k time of 47:15. We came close at 48:05. We took some walking breaks on the steep hills. Afterwards we went directly to the free food: pizza, pretzels, fruit, water & juice. Diva was very proud to wear her B+ Foundation race shirt to camp today. This running thing is really helping boost her self esteem - she was very proud of herself at the finish line.

Looking for our next race . . . the goal still trying to beat our best time. I think I may be enjoying this running thing even more than Diva is. Quality time with your child - while burning calories! Can't beat that!

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Mom2Amara said...

Found my way over here from Living It, Loving It and have to say - one day I hope Amara will run a 5K with me. She did cross the finish line with me but I want it all :)

Great pic of the two of you!