Friday, September 11, 2009

Quote of the Day

As I dropped off Diva and Daredevil at school this morning amid torrential rain, whipping winds and a tornado warning, Diva informed me that she didn't want an umbrella - she wanted to "run around in the rain" on the way to the front door.

I explained that while it's her choice, all that will get her is SOAKING WET first thing in the morning, and she would spend most of the day in wet clothes. Not to mention wet, tangly hair.

Now here comes the Quote of the Day. She gave me a sideways glance and said:

"Who came and took all the fun out of your life?"

I was rendered speechless, a rare event for me. No snappy comebacks popped into my head.

Just then, the moment passed, and Another Crisis reared its ugly head - she had forgotten part of her homework and wanted me turn my SUV right around and take the train back home so she could get it.

I refused.

Not because I'm mean. I did feel bad. We live fairly close to the school, so it wouldn't have been a huge deal.

She had worked hard last night copying photos on the printer and gathering stickers so she could decorate her writer's notebook today. She forgot those things.

But I felt this was a good teaching moment. I must admit, I have turned around in the past. But she's in 4th grade now.

Does running back home to grab forgotten things teach her to be responsible?

Further, why should I be 20 minutes later to work because of this?

Every night I tell her to put all her stuff back in her backpack when she finishes her homework. She never does - leaving things strewn all over the place. Drives me nuts.

I used to gather it up for her, just so I could see my kitchen table, but, she's in 4th grade now. She should be doing that herself, so I haven't done it since school started.

I'm trying to subscribe more and more to the mantra: "Don't Do Things For Your Kids That They Can Do Themselves". It's easier said than done, but I'm trying.

Of course, she tried to blame me, because in Diva-World, everything is my fault. "You rushed me!" and "You must have seen it there, why didn't you remind me?" and so on.

I told her that while I'm sorry she forgot it, I am not responsible for her schoolwork.

She entered the school in tears. So, apparently, not only do I have NO FUN in my life, I'm MEAN.

She's only 9. Am I in HUGE trouble, or what?

I think the answer to that, unequivocally, is YES.

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Living It, Loving It said...

I have a fourth grader too! They are emotional creatures, aren't they? We have mornings like this too.

You have been challenged!