Monday, September 21, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Here goes . .

I DID NOT, on Monday, the first day of Diva's dance class, tell her to wear tap shoes that were a full size too small. I DID NOT forget to go to the dance shop and get her new shoes prior to the start of class. Nope, not me!

I could have easily bought them right from her dance school, but it's located in our hoity toity overpriced athletic club and I absolutely refuse to give them one more penny than what is required.

So, on Tuesday, in preparation for her Wednesday lyrical class, we traveled 20 minutes out of our way to go a tiny little mom-and-pop dance shop, where we got tap and jazz shoes (and a leotard, and tights). All at a 10% discount, yay. But we were still missing lyrical sandals, which they didn't stock. Whatever lyrical sandals are.

I DID NOT stay and watch Diva's lyrical class, not because I particularly wanted to watch Diva, but because I DON'T KNOW WHAT LYRICAL DANCE IS. Nope, not me. I still don't think I know, but it looks pretty athletic. And fun.

I DID NOT miss more than one at-bat during Daredevils' fall baseball game because I was chasing around my third child, who thought it would just be grand to either to sit in the mud, lay on our neighbor's Tinkerbell blanket, or grab a book out of another mom's hands. Nope, not me.

Hunter and I DID NOT break Daredevil's heart when we told him Cub Scouts wasn't going to happen this year. Ya gotta draw the line somewhere. Flag football, fall baseball, and karate, (not to mention Diva's activities) - we just couldn't fit it in. Maybe next year.

I DID NOT self-diagnose an ailing #3 last week with either an ear infection, bronchitis, or strep, only to have the Dr. proclaim she had hand-foot-mouth virus. Nope, not me. By the third kid, I always diagnose correctly when symptoms present themselves.

Nope, DID NOT totally miss that one, even though it's the SECOND time she's had it in the past year since she's been born.

I DID NOT gasp when the same Dr. told the resident sitting in on our appointment that #3's beautiful skin was a little yellow, not from jaundice, but from eating yellow and orange vegetables. (So, apparently you can turn your kid orange from feeding them a lot of veggies like squash and carrots. Who knew?)

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

**UPDATE** For those of you who also have no idea what lyrical dance is, according to Wikipedia, Lyrical Dance is a dance style which combines elements of ballet, modern, and jazz dance techniques. It is most commonly set to popular music with vocals. The choreography imitates or pantomimes the lyrics of the music to which the dance is set. This can include use of gesture, facial expression, and melodrama. It is popular primarily with teenage dancers due to its ease in physicality and often emotional inward focus.

So now we know! And why we need "lyrical sandals" to do this, I still don't know.

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Jennifer said...

Well, with three kids, at least you are feeding them healthy veggies!(I don't always get healthy meals down mine.) If they turn different colors, maybe you can incorporate it into their halloween costumes! :o)