Friday, September 4, 2009

#3's First Birthday

#3 turned 1 on August 12. I can't believe it has been a year already. She is walking everywhere (almost running) and says one (sort of) word besides Ma-Ma and Da-Da: Uh-oh. She tends to say it just before she throws something on the floor.

Anyway, we had a small family party. She got lots of stuff anyway. I'll start out with the best part, the singing and cake. If she looks serious, that's because she was born serious. She does start to smile towards the end . . .

Here she is with the gifts, from us, my parents, my brother and his family, and her teacher. She's not too spoiled, right? (And I will admit, some of her toys came from the toy storage room in our basement)

The Care Bear was originally Diva's . . . Rainbow Bear has been biding her time in the basement, waiting for another little kid to love her. Her wait is over!

She loves the Cozy Coupe, and plays with it EVERY day! (That's Daredevil's tattooed arm!)

My 3 happy babies

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My princess. She kept taking the crown off and giving it to me.

Happily enjoying a bit of cake . . .

She's had enough here. Sugar overload!

Next up is a post of our vacation last week, and then, back to school! Check back soon - I've got a long weekend at home this weekend, so hopefully I'll find some time to catch up on posts!

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