Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday: Easy (and green!) Way to Remove Tomato Based Stains

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My tip: Use the SUN to bleach out tomato stains on fabrics. This method is FREE and environmentally friendly!

Tomato stains. You know them. From Pizza, Spaghetti-o's, Ketchup, etc. (Why do kids karate uniforms have to be white???) Spray and Wash, although I swear by it, doesn't always work on these types of stains.

The sun does. That's right. Just lay your clothes in the sun and voila - an hour or two later, your tomato stain will be GONE. It even works through a window on cold days (yes, I've done it.) Keep checking on it though, you don't want to leave clothing out too long or the sun may fade your colors. This even works on hazy or partly cloudy days (probably due to the thinning ozone layer). Not so much on completely overcast days.

I learned this from my Mom, who gave me this advice back in college when I worked in an Italian restaurant and had to wear a white oxford cloth shirt every day. I would come home with all kinds of tomato sauce all over it (a testament to either my work ethic or clumsiness, I don't know which). I would just wash the shirt and hang it out on the line every day and it would look perfect.

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Lisa said...

Great information! I only wish I had known this when I worked in an Italian restaurant. (Weren't you amazed that there were always some servers who would leave work at the end of the night spotless? That was never me.)