Monday, March 23, 2009

Progress for this Pack Rat

This weekend was a huge step forward for me in achieving one of my New Year's Resolutions: Defeating my inner Pack-Rat. We held a yard sale on Saturday, and it was a huge success. We have a couple hundred dollars in our pocket, and a LOT more room in our basement and attic!

I placed an ad in our local paper that ran on Friday and Saturday, and this was the big draw. I had originally grumbled about the $25 price tag of the ad, thinking it was cutting too much into our profits, but from my informal straw poll, that's how everyone knew about it (we had also placed signs leading people to us), so it was definitely worth it.

It was very cold Saturday morning (in the 30's!) but people still came out. All kinds of people - from yard sale professionals (they are the early birds) to curious neighbors, grandparents, young newlyweds, moms with a few kids in tow, and teenagers. It was fun to talk with people, and for the most part everyone was really nice.

Lots of people thanked us for having a sale so early in the yard-sale season. Apparently people have cabin fever and are eager for sales to start. So if you ever have a spring sale, have it early in the season, even if it's too cold.

We sold lots of stuff: 3 strollers, a bicycle, clothes (mens, womens, kids, baby), toys, VHS movies, and vinyl record albums. Yes, vinyl record albums. This was the surprise item that we sold a lot of. I had a milk crate of them in the attic, and as an afterthought put them out for a quarter each. I probably sold about 20 of them - people loved them. Apparently vinyl records are making a comeback - who knew?

Our strategy was to arrange tables in a large box fashion, and place a drop cloth in the middle for the toys, which worked beautifully. Hunter even fashioned a clothes rack with a narrow piece of wood and two stepladders. This worked great for people to really look through clothes.

And keeping with the "Clean House" tv show guidelines, nothing went back in the house after the sale was over (OK, a few things went back in, but 98% of it didn't!) Hunter hauled everything to Goodwill yesterday afternoon, and said he was very surprised that I was OK with letting it all go. It was definitely hard to see some stuff go, but at this point I'd rather have the space in my house.

The whole ordeal was a lot of hard work, but very enjoyable. We are especially enjoying the bit of extra cash and space, and vow to make this at least an annual affair. We're actually thinking of doing it again in the fall!

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