Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Snow Day Scramble

Thanks to a lovely snowstorm that blanketed our area late Sunday into Monday, school has been closed for the past two days. Despite a forecast of 12 inches, we got between 5-6 inches of snow. My kids were thrilled to have snow days. I, however, did not have snow days. I'd have to burn a vacation day or sick time in order to stay home. Since I already burned 3 sick days in January for kids' illnesses, I didn't want to do that. I am not permitted to work from home.

On Monday, Hunter "worked from home" with them. He actually did work all weekend and is trying to kick a sinus infection, so he was more than happy to stay home. He worked for a while on my laptop and then took the kids out to shovel the driveway and sled down the small hill in our front yard. I braved horrendous road conditions in my SUV and worked in the office all day. By Monday night, the roads were clear, so I thought Tuesday would be business as usual.

Wrong. School was closed Tuesday, too, due to "icy conditions." I didn't witness any icy roads on my 30 minute commute into the office, but I guess some of the back roads had some drifting and black ice. Working from home was no longer an option for Hunter, since he couldn't get logged in due to server problems.

Typically Diva & Daredevil's before and after care program is at the school on snow days where the school offices are open (as they were Tuesday), so we thought that would work, but when Hunter showed up to drop them off, no one was there. Luckily, my Mom was home and willing to take them (along with my neice and nephew!) So, Diva and Daredevil had a fun day of sledding in my parents' back yard and drinking hot chocolate.

It would have been nice to have had a snow day. I don't really like snow, or cold weather at all for that matter, but it would have been fun to play with the kids then come in and have hot chocolate in front of the fire! Now that the snowstorm is over, bring on spring...I'm ready!

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