Friday, November 14, 2008

Whale of a Sale = Early Morning Insanity & Hilarity

Every year, the Junior League in my town has an event called "Whale of a Sale", proceeds of which benefit local charities. It's like a big yard sale. How it works is they usually get a large warehouse or empty store and fill it with donated items and open the sale to the public. People camp out all night in the freezing cold to get in first, and go nuts over all the cheap stuff.

It's a few steps above a yard sale because (1) it's huge, like a department store, and (2) many items are new. They procure many name brand new items donated from area retailers. A big draw is usually new wedding and bridesmaid dresses donated from area bridal shops. You will see women in bathing suits and leotards trying on dresses, most of which cost $25, right there next to the racks (there are no dressing rooms).

So, this year's sale is tomorrow. With these tough economic times, they are expecting their largest turnout ever - over 2,000 people. I went last year at 8 a.m., the start time, and waited in line behind about 100 people for about 45 minutes. They only let so many people in and after that, like a crowded bar, it's 1 in, 1 out, so people typically have to wait to get in.

I got some nice stuff last year. Clothes (new and used) from Ann Taylor and Talbot's, some books, and a couple of things for the kids, all for about $30. I don't go nuts and camp out, cut the line, or push and shove to get to the racks like some people do. I like to watch the insanity though - it's quite amusing to watch brides dive and fight for wedding dresses.

So this year I'm thinking of getting there around 6:45 so I can be up a little further in line when it opens. That's not too crazy, is it? I'll post back and let you know about my new found treasures!

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