Wednesday, November 5, 2008

We got a new car!

We got a new car yesterday! Here's a picture. For those new readers, I totaled my husband's car on October 25th, so we needed to get a new car asap. Our insurance company (State Farm) has been absolutely wonderful and came through with a payment yesterday that was much more than we expected to get for our 10 year old 4Runner.

So, we went and bought a 2008 Chevrolet Avalanche, after much looking in a very short time frame. For anyone looking to get a new car, there are GREAT deals out there. Everywhere we went, the poor salespeople were falling all over us trying to sell us a car. We got a deeply discounted price, and didn't even need to play hardball in negotiating. (Which we were ready to do since a car payment is not something we planned for at this time!)

JV has wanted a pickup truck for a long time. And since we need a car ASAP, we need to look at either what they have on the lot or what they can locate for us in a day or two. We started with the GMC Sierra pickup - way out of our price range. We then moved to the Chevy Silverado -just out of our price range. We then moved to the Chevy Avalanche, which was well within our price range with the incentives they were offering. It is more of a SUV/Pickup. We think it is perfect for our family. All 3 car seats/kids fit comfortably in the backseat, and it has 5 star front/side crash test ratings.

Of course it will be JV's car, but since he is going turkey hunting this weekend and his buddy will drive, I get to drive it all weekend! I'll try not to total it. :) One shocking thought did occur to us - since we have a habit of driving cars until they die, this could conceivably be Diva's first car as she will be 16 in 7.5 years (AAACK!)

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