Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Gosh, it's been a while since I posted. Life has been very crazy the past few weeks. Stomach flu for Daredevil, #3, and me, then an ear infection for #3, and just last week, our mid-Atlantic area, which never sees much snow, got over THREE FEET of snow last week over the course of two major storms.

Our entire area shut down. State of emergency. Widespread power outages (which, thankfully, did not effect us). Travel bans. School cancelled FOR THE WHOLE WEEK.

Here's the irony. At work, we have begged and begged for remote access to be able to work from home for greater flexibility. It took a few years, but we finally got laptops and remote access last fall.

So, during these snow days, while the company I work for was technically closed in my area, we were expected to work remotely.

Yup, work all day. And take care of kids at the same time.

I'm sure you are thinking: with a state of emergency, your husband must have been home too, so that wasn't so bad, right?

Wrong. We had 3+ feet of snow outside. He spent most of the week snow blowing the driveway, the neighbors' driveways, the sidewalks, around the mailbox, and a path for the dog since he is CEO of All Things Outside at our address. Since it kept snowing and drifting, he had to do this over and over again.

Now I'm not complaining in the least bit - I don't like snow, or even cold weather for that matter, so I'm grateful he actually enjoys bundling up and snow blowing the entire neighborhood in the 25-degree weather while I stay inside and make hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies.

But alas, when the governor lifted the travel ban, he decided Must.Be.In.The.Office, so he went there Thursday and Friday, leaving me flying solo working and taking care of the kids.

While I did like spending the days in my pajamas with the kids, it was difficult and stressful to work and take care of an 18 month old's many needs at the same time.

Plus, my older 2 were bored. There was so much snow it was difficult to go sledding. And you can only make tunnels and have snowball fights for so long. They had a few play dates, otherwise they played the Wii and watched Nickelodeon or movies while I worked. I did venture out in my massive 4 wheel drive full size SUV to take them out to lunch twice, figuring if I was ignoring them for most of the day, at least I could take them somewhere cool on my lunch break.

We made it up to them on Sunday by taking them to the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia. What a cool place!

We were supposed to get another storm this Monday, calling for 4 to 8 inches. I was going to go stark raving mad if school was cancelled another day. But, the storm fizzled out, we got about an inch, and off to school and work it was for all of us yesterday. Thank goodness!

I took some great photos of our Snowmageddeon, I'll try to post them next!

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