Thursday, May 14, 2009

Totally LOST

(WARNING: If you are LOST fan and haven't seen last night's finale, be warned that I discuss it below and may reveal spoilers - go watch it right now if you haven't seen it - you will not be disappointed!)

Oh my gosh, the LOST finale was amazing. I am going to watch it again tonight!

I'm bummed that we have to wait until JANUARY 2010 for the next season - which will also be the last. I've been captivated by this incredible show since the very first episode.

So my thoughts on the finale last night are:
  • So who the heck is the new Locke? Looks like he is not a good guy. Theory: Is new Locke really the smoke monster that can take the form of dead people? (i.e. Jack's dad Christian Shepherd, Ben's daughter Alex, and maybe the people Hurley sees - Charlie, etc.)
  • I'm assuming Juliet is now dead. But what about everyone else? I guess they survive....and now we see how Dr. Chang's arm was severed. (Remember in the Dharma videos, he only has one arm...)
  • I'm guessing the bomb going off is "the incident" referred to in earlier seasons that precipitated the pushing of the button in the hatch every 108 minutes?
  • Did Jacob save Sayid's life with that well timed distraction, or did he just distract Sayid so his operatives could knock off Nadia? Jacob had to know that Sayid would never return to the Island as long as he was with Nadia.
  • And Jacob . . . how creepy was it that he appeared in all our castaway's lives pre-crash? Even their childhoods? Like he was engineering their lives the entire time. Freaky.
  • The green eye at the end.....who is it? My co-worker has a theory that it's Claire.

All in all, the finale was a fantastic end to a crazy, amazing season. By far my favorite show!

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