Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday to #3!

Our beloved #3 turns TWO YEARS OLD TODAY.

Just two short years ago, we welcomed her to our family. Here she is, not too long after her birth, with her very proud big brother and sister:

And here she is partying it up with Diva and Daredevil on her first birthday.

And here she is recently, posing with her two favorite playmates:

We have a small family party planned to celebrate #3's big day. I am tearing around town seeking"Finding Nemo" party stuff since that is her current obsession. Since that movie came out a long time ago, the Nemo stuff is pretty scarce.

Anyway, we can't believe it has been two years already. Like all my kids, #3 is growing up so fast.

Strong and determined, she can often be found bossing around her siblings, the dog, and her parents, telling them to "Sit down!" or "Read it!" (read her a book), or asking for some "foo" (food). And if you can't understand what she is asking for, she will be happy to take your hand, pull you up off the couch and lead you straight to whatever it is she wants you to get or do for her. She cracks us up!

Happy Happy Birthday #3. You make us smile every day and we love you!

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