Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I'm Envious . . .

. . . of my daughter right now. Yes, darn it, I'm jealous. Diva is having a really fun summer.

She is going to camps that I wish I could go to as a 30 something adult (yes I can still say that for a few more weeks). She spent two weeks (with a break in between) at Girl Scout Camp on the Sassasfras River in Maryland.

Now, I don't envy the fact that she had to sleep in a platform tent and deal with bugs, spiders and 100 degree plus temperatures.

But these are the activities she did that I wish I could do:
  • Watersports on the river - sailing, kayaking, etc.
  • Archery
  • Learning to play the acoustic guitar (the theme of her 2nd week - "Girls with Guitars")
  • Hatchet throwing (how fun is that?)
  • Campfires at midnight, then sleeping in (the theme of her 1st week - "Midnight Magic")
  • Having breakfast, lunch, and dinner cooked for you
  • Bunking with school friends while making new ones
  • Taking hikes with cool painted walking sticks

So she brought a guitar with her that we picked up at Kmart. She learned to tune it and play some chords, and was a little disappointed she didn't learn to play at least one song, but I told her Rome wasn't built in a day.

Hunter bought her a how-to book and CD, and said if she can get through that she can take guitar lessons if she wants. I WANT TO DO THAT TOO!

This week she's at a local school of the arts taking a "Photography 101" session.

Armed with a digital camera, she's learning to take artistic pictures and edit them and do projects on Photoshop. I WANT TO DO THAT TOO!

On the first day (yesterday) she took 77 pictures. She has several projects she's working on, some collaborative with her peers and others individual. Her work will be exhibited in a camp gallery at the end of the week.

Next week, it's camp at her dance academy, the theme being "On Broadway". They will rehearse Broadway numbers and perform them for parents at the end of the week. I'm not much of a singer or dancer, but THAT SOUNDS FUN TOO!

How sad is it that I'm jealous of what a 10 year old gets to do? I think I need to get a life!


ReneeJ said...

Sounds like fun to me too. I am also a working mother of 3 and married. I feel like i'm constantly dividing myself into what everyone else needs me to be and never what i want to be sometimes, which is just me! I was raised by a stern mother with not much freedom and i got married at like 25 but i was never really outgoing and now that i have all these responsibilities i want to go, even if it's just for a walk. Biggest problem is if I did go...I don't even know where I would go because I never really got the chance to learn what I liked and didn't outside of books and tv. I hope you keep writing because moms like me really need it.

Catherine S said...

I'd like her metabolism and physique!