Tuesday, January 6, 2009

La Vida Loca

Wow, this week is CRAZY. This is the first full week of work, day care, school, and the kids' activities: dance class, karate, swim lessons, and softball pitching clinic. I have been trying to get into work early (7am) so I can leave earlier (4pm) in order to shuttle to all these things and make sure the homework gets done.

So, in order to get to work by 7, I need to leave my house between 6-6:15. I take #3 with me (JV stays home to get Diva & Daredevil on the bus at 8:20 in order to save $ by not using Before Care) so here's my schedule:
  • Wake up between 4:45-5. Shower, blow dry & get dressed by 5:30
  • Wake up #3 at 5:30. Feed her (still nursing, so that takes 20-25 minutes) and dress her.
  • Kiss the sleeping Diva and Daredevil goodbye.
  • Park #3 in her bouncy seat and take bottle bag, breast pump, briefcase, lunch bag and purse (yes I do look like a pack mule) to the car, turn on car to warm up.
  • Come back in, bundle up #3 and put her in the infant seat, put infant seat in car
  • Leave between 6-6:15 for 25-35 minute drive to day care/work
  • Arrive at daycare (usually 6:40-6:50). Parallel park and run #3 in to her room, give her tons of kisses, put bottles in fridge, hand her over to her teacher, and leave
  • Pull into parking garage on next block and run up to my office by 7.

Whew. So far I'm totally exhausted. This is my second day of this schedule. Hopefully it I will get used to it and it will get easier! (The fact #3 woke up hungry at 2:30 a.m. did not help!) Plus, we also start sports clinics this weekend - on Saturday, Diva's starting 6 weeks of volleyball, and on Sunday, Daredevil's starting flag football. They are at our health club, so hopefully I'll be able to get a workout in on one of those days!


Oh Boy! Boys! said...

Are mornings chaotic at your home as well? That sounds like my morning schedule, but I get to work at 8:30. I had to change my hours from 8 to 4:30 to 8:30 to 5 to keep my sanity in tact. Give a month and you will have to routine to a tee.

I can so sympathize but my almost nine year old leaves the house with me and the baby as well.

After dropping two kids off to two different daycares, I head off to work in downtown Cleveland. The commute can sometimes be messy like today, but you do what you have to do. I also work in a law office as a legal assistant.


Elastomom said...

Sounds like chaos! My day is busy on the other end. Mornings our pretty easy since we are in switzerland and I can get away with not being at work real early (the US is still sleeping) Evenings are my tough time. I haven't picked up any evening meetings yet, but it will happen. I don't look forward to trying to talk business while bathing one child and feeding a bottle to another!