Friday, June 13, 2008

Winding up vacation

Today is our last day down South. We've had a very sunny (and HOT - 95 degrees!) week, and we've had a great time together as a family. The sun and heat has been exhausting, but it's been nice to sleep in and eat out. We've been pretty active, bike riding and doing a lot of walking, but a few times I had to bow out, citing 30-weeks-pregnant exhaustion and backaches. JV, Diva, and Daredevil went on a lengthy (8 mile!) bike ride this morning. I graciously declined, stayed behind and did laundry and a bit of packing. Tomorrow morning we will leave early for the long drive back home. We hope to arrive home around dinner time tomorrow night, JV did not want to be traveling on Father's Day, and I can't really blame him. All this focus on family this week, as well as the passing of my 30th week, really made reality set in that I'm about to have a baby in 8 or so weeks. I'm so not ready!

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